Journalists interview sources to gather information about a specific topic or subject. For instance, as a journalist for an environmental news outlet, you can interview experts and ecologists to find out more about upcoming initiatives and projects. These interviews are conducted to provide first-hand knowledge about a particular subject to help inform the writing of articles and other content.

Gathering as much information as possible is essential to build a well-rounded and effective relationship with the source. An interviewee should feel comfortable talking to you, and the interview should be well-managed. Here are a few effective ways to conduct an interview to amplify your interviewing skills.


One of the most critical factors that a journalist should consider when conducting an interview is learning about the fundamentals of a particular subject. This will allow them to develop a deeper understanding of the professional’s field of expertise.

Prepare Your Questions

Your interview questions are the starting point for the conversation. A clear understanding of the questions you’ll be asking can help you decide which questions to ask the interviewee. For instance, you can ask a couple of background questions to get an idea of the source’s background, followed by in-depth inquiries about their specialization or work.

Set a Date and Location

Before you start planning an interview, you must have a definite date and time that you can set. For instance, if you’re planning on filming an interview on social media, you can hire a studio to help you set up the interview. Depending on the type of content you’re planning on producing, the location of the interview should be decided.

Navigate the Conversation

One of the most critical factors a journalist should consider when conducting an interview is keeping the conversation focused on the topic you’re planning to interview. This can help avoid getting lost in the endless list of issues you’re trying to get across. For instance, you can get the conversation back on track by asking a couple of questions about the source’s achievements in the workplace.

End Strong

After conducting an interview, end it by asking the interviewee if there is anything that you would like to add. This will allow them to provide you with an opportunity to reference their previous work. Before starting the interview, ensure the interviewee has the necessary information. For instance, their name, business name, and official title should all be spelled correctly.