In all kinds of writing and research in journalism, people are always looking for the most effective strategies for increasing visibility and driving the point home to their readers and listeners. Smart journalists know that there are several approaches they can utilize in order to make your content top tier and more impactful to your audience.

One of the most notable tactics is “The 5 W’s and the H.” This approach refers to the six questions that a reporter should answer in the story’s first section. The five Ws and H in journalism are: “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how.” Stories with this structure have an apparent flow that makes them easier for readers to follow. Some professionals argue that if any of the 5Ws and H is missing, it’s an incomplete story that’s missing substance.

Here are the 5 W’s and H and how they can significantly influence your story or content:


The “who” question aims to determine the participants of the story. This usually points out the main characters as well as witnesses.


The “what” question points out the subject and audience. This prompt targets the audience to perform a specific function.


The “when” question relates to time. The time of the event or situation. It’s best that these questions are answered as precisely and clearly as possible.Where:

The “where” answers the location aspect of the article. The location where the story took place or the place where something is happening.


The “why” answers the reasoning behind an action or event. The audience learns the reason and motives behind an occurrence.


The “how” explains the reasons why something happened. It also tries to reason to particular unclear situations.

It’s essential to remember how these questions can help give you a clearer picture of the content you are putting out. Depending on the situation, you can get a more detailed story analysis and help readers get the whole story. As a journalist, the five Ws and H are exactly what you need to gain visibility and grab people’s attention.